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INTUITION EXCHANGE and you agree that any dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to these Terms or the INTUITION EXCHANGE Services, including, but not limited to, legal and equitable claims, federal and state statutory claims, common law claims, and those based in contract, tort, fraud, misrepresentation or any other legal theory, shall be resolved through binding arbitration on an individual basis (except as specifically noted below). Arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), Consumer Arbitration Rules. In agreeing to this binding commitment to arbitrate their claims, INTUITION EXCHANGE and you agree that they waive any right to proceed in a court of law or to have their claims heard by a jury. The arbitration shall: (1) be conducted by a single, neutral arbitrator in the English language; (2) be held virtually and not in person for all proceedings related to the arbitration, except by mutual agreement of all parties; and (3) be limited to one deposition per party, except by mutual agreement of all parties or upon a showing of need. Furthermore, in cases where neither party’s claim(s) or counterclaim(s) exceed $25,000, both parties agree to waive an arbitration hearing and resolve the dispute solely through submissions of documents to the arbitrator. The AAA rules, as well as instructions on how to file an arbitration proceeding with the AAA, appear at, or you may call the AAA at 1-800-778-7879.

Without waiving or otherwise affecting the Class Action Waiver below, in the event that your claim(s) in an arbitration substantially implicate or relate to the rights of, or claims by, other INTUITION EXCHANGE customers who have also initiated arbitration against INTUITION EXCHANGE, you agree that INTUITION EXCHANGE shall have the right, but not the obligation, to join or consolidate such arbitrations into a single arbitration, in INTUITION EXCHANGE’s sole discretion.

Confidentiality. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offer made by you or INTUITION EXCHANGE shall not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator makes a final decision and award, if any. All documents and information disclosed in the course of the arbitration shall be kept strictly confidential by the recipient and shall not be used by the recipient for any purpose other than for purposes of the arbitration or the enforcement of the arbitrator’s decision and award and shall not be disclosed except in confidence to persons who have a need to know for such purposes or as required by applicable law. Delegation. Any dispute between INTUITION EXCHANGE and You regarding the construction, interpretation, or application of this arbitration provision, including the enforceability, severability, revocability, scope, or validity of this arbitration provision, shall be decided by an arbitrator and not by a court or judge.
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